Caring for the elderly in winter weather


During the winter, elderly people are more susceptible to illnesses including colds, flu, breathing and cardiovascular problems as the cold weather suppresses the immune system.

These illnesses can be much more serious for vulnerable or frail people than younger, healthier people. Sadly, around 20,000 more people aged over 65 die in the winter months than at other times of the year.

As the winter freeze hits, keeping an eye on elderly relatives and neighbours can go the extra mile at this time of year. Here’s how you can lend a hand:

  1. Pop round regularly
    Visiting someone often makes it easier to spot any signs of illness, and get medical care quickly, especially if they live alone. Age UK says one million elderly people per month don’t regularly speak to family, friends or a neighbour, so at the very least dropping in for a cup of tea can provide companionship and help reduce depression.
  2. Make sure their home is warm
    Older people lose body heat more quickly and take longer to warm up than younger people. Try to make sure their home is at least 18°C, and encourage keeping doors between rooms closed to help retain heat. Other things you can do include providing them with a hot water bottle, a warm drink and a throw or blanket.
  3. Pop to the shops
    Simple errands can be a huge undertaking for elderly or frail people, especially if they are less mobile. Helping out with physical chores such as fetching shopping or putting the rubbish out can be a huge help, preventing fatigue, slips and trips, and overexposure to cold weather.
  4. Prepare for the weather
    Spending a few minutes clearing an elderly person’s walkways of snow and ice could make all the difference. When venturing outside in icy weather, shoes should have non-slip soles which aren’t worn through. You can also check for worn rubber tips on canes or walking frames.
  5. Check their entitlements
    Everyone over the age of 65 is eligible for a free NHS flu jab, which reduces the chances of contracting flu as well as complications including bronchitis and pneumonia. People born on or before 5 August 1953 are also entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment to help with heating bills.