Author: aldium

The importance of taking action against flooding

For those who don’t take global warming seriously by now, you might be surprised at the predictions that have been made by the Environment Agency (EA) regarding UK flood defence. Reaching unprecedented levels Climate change has already had a major impact on British coastlines, moorlands, farms, towns and cities, not to mention the effect it’s…
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The surprising value of colour in care homes

  There’s often a lot more thought and consideration behind the colour scheme of a care home than simply whether you like it or not. Colour can change the mood of a room, encourage an active mind and make people feel at home in otherwise unfamiliar territory. We look at how colour can affect the…
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Bonfire night safety

Bonfire night is a time to enjoy the chilly outdoors with family, friends, colleagues and residents. However it’s also important to remind you to stay safe by following some simple guidance and advice. Sparklers, fireworks and bonfires are all safety hazards and could impose danger if not respected. What can you do to stay safe…
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The uncertain future of the EHIC card

European Health Insurance Cards, or EHIC cards, allow UK residents to receive medical care for free when travelling in European countries. Many travellers with pre-existing health conditions rely on EHIC cards to travel safely throughout Europe, without having to worry about funding medical treatment in a foreign country. By using the EHIC scheme, British travellers…
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How to support care home relatives during their visit

    When working in a care home, you will likely get used to a steady flow of regular visitors and the occasional new face. These visits are hugely significant to both the visitor and your resident and they can often be emotionally-charged interactions. However, they’re equally as likely to result in a good old…
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