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Children’s Home Insurance

Aldium has the knowledge and expertise and, combined with our access to markets, can provide the appropriate advice and cover for Children’s Homes at extremely competitive prices.

Insurance for Children’s Homes

Children’s Homes and Children’s Schools insurance are regarded by the insurance industry as high risk; it is a very specialised area and restricted to a limited number of Insurers.  

Just some of what cover can be included

• Public Liability
• Employers’ Liability
• Professional Indemnity
• Legal Expenses
• Buildings and Contents
• Mistreatment and Abuse
• Business Interruption

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Primary concerns are what is know as ‘long tail’ liability where claims arise years (and sometimes even decades) after the events – often concerning allegations of abuse – where difficulties tracking records and staff make defence of such claims extremely difficult.

Notwithstanding that, we believe that the high regulatory control from OFSTED and the generally high quality of establishments these days mean Children’s Homes and Schools (often combined as Children’s Residential Schools) are better than the perception and part of our role is to convince Insurers this is the case.

The differences between Mistreatment and Abuse cover and Professional Indemnity and whether either or both should be on a ‘claims made’ or ‘claims occurred’ basis mean Children’s Homes and Children’s Schools should only use a broker with specialist knowledge in this field.

Aldium has that knowledge and expertise and, combined with our access to markets, can provide the appropriate advice and cover at extremely competitive prices.

Every quotation will be accompanied by a Key Facts Summary of the cover (and a full policy ion request) for the particular Insurer being recommended.


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