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Care home insurance is a specific type of insurance that is designed for care homes and provides protection for the unique risks and exposures that care homes face.

Our care experts will take the time to learn about your care home and your insurance needs. Aldium has access to market leading insurers and exclusive schemes providing you with both affordable and comprehensive insurance for your care business.

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Your care home insurance policy will contain a number of different sections, some of our key covers can include:


This will compensate you for the cost of rebuilding, repairing or renovating your care home property in the event that it is damaged by an insured peril such as fire or flood.


Your home will be full of different types of business contents, This can cover items such as medicines, vaccines and controlled drugs in addition to your usual contents such as furniture and other fixtures.


Employers’ Liability Insurance is a legal requirement if you employ anyone.
This will cover you for any compensation amount and legal costs if an employee claims compensation for a work-related illness or injury.


Public Liability covers your business against claims to cover damages and legal costs that people may make against your business. These claims may arise from; Residents, suppliers, members of the public or visitors.


Medical malpractice cover can be an important cover for any health and social care provider. It can cover legal expenses and compensation if a claim arising from malpractice, neglect or abuse is made.


In addition to your business contents, you can arrange cover to protect the possesions of your residents and service users against theft or other damage.


Business Interruption cover is an insurance coverage that replaces income lost in the event that business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage such as fire or flood. 


Commercial Legal Expenses is generally designed to assist you in getting expert legal advice for circumstances such as an employment tribunal or a contract dispute. It could provide cover for legal representation and cover for legal expenses in the event of a claim.


ALDIUM Insurance has been protecting the care sector for over 25 years.


Our care team will take the time to understand you and your business and help indentify what protection you need. Our staff are dedicated to the care sector and spend their day looking after our care clients.


Care Home Insurance isn’t just a once a year event. Your needs may change throughout the year or new regulations may be introduced. Whether you have a question about your policy or need help with something else our team will be here to help you with it.


Once we understand your care insurance needs we will then approach our panel of insurers to find the most competitive package for you. We will send them our presentation of your home so they can better understand your business.


It’s something you hope never happens but should you need to make a claim our in-house claims manager will be on hand to manage your claim.


An insurance policy has a core purpose which is an arrangement by which a company undertakes to provide a gurantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium.
Care home insurance contains a combination of many common covers found in most commercial insurance policies however also has increased covers to offer protection to businesses that provider care for the elderly including those who are affected by dementia, children, disabilities or with mental health problems.
It is a statutory requirement to ensure your care business has adequate insurance in place as part of the Care Quality Commission ‘CQC’ standards (CIW – Wales, CI – Scotland).

Whilst there is common covers, many insurance policies are not suitable for residental homes because you require specific insurance covers will ensure you are adequately protected in offering care-related services.

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Don’t take our word for it, we are proud to display the positive feedback we recieve – here’s what care home owners say:

Highly recommend their services! Great support and customer services, problem solver oriented. I have only good impresions and words until now. Keep up the good work!

Aldium Client

We have utilised the services of ALDIUM for around three years, The team there have provided us with excellent service, are courteous, efficient and clearly understand The Care Sector

Care Home Owner

I would like to thank ALDIUM for all the help and attention to detail they have provided during our recent negotiations to bring my Care Home insurance business back to them.

Care Home Owner

Frequently Asked Questions | Care Home Insurance

  • What’s the difference between Personal Accident Cover and Employers Liability?
    Employers Liability Cover – As an employer you are legally required to have Employers Liability cover. This covers you for claims bought against by an employee as a result of bodily injury or disease caused in the course of their employment. Your insurer will indemnity you for your legal liability to pay compensation and/or costs and expenses. ­­

    Personal Accident Cover - This is like a benefit policy, which can be added to some policies or taken out as a standalone policy but is not a legally required cover like Employers Liability. Personal Accident cover can be taken out for all employees or certain key members and cover can be provide on a 24 hour basis or Occupation basis meaning whilst they are at work only .  Cover is provided for certain accidental bodily injuries detailed in the policy at a specified limit.
  • What is Professional Liability Cover?
    Professional Liability - This covers claims brought against you for financial loss and is also known as Professional Indemnity. For example if you help service users with completing benefit forms or provide any financial advice and following that advice they allege they suffered a financial loss and could look to peruse a claim against you for that.
  • What does Building Sum Insured mean?
    The building sum insured is not the value if you were to sell the property but should represent the re-build cost of the buildings which should take into account the full & current replacement cost of the buildings, inclusive of all professional fees. ­­

    This should be reviewed annually to take into account inflation costs. It is also recommended a professional valuation for the rebuild cost is carried out at least every 5 years or possibly more frequent if a heritage listed building to ensure adequate insurance in in place and you are not underinsured.
  • What’s the difference between Claims Made and Claims Occurred?
    ‘Claims occurred’ policies covers claims that have occurred during a period of cover even if the claim Is made after the cover has expired or cancelled. ­­

    ‘Claims made’ policies provide cover for claims made against you and reported to the insurer during the policy period only. Claims notified after the expiry of this period – for example if the policy has not been renewed or if you have moved to another insurer – will not be covered unless the new insurer agrees to provide cover for these historic years (Known as Retroactive cover).
  • How much is Care Home Insurance?
    The cost of Care Home Insurance can depend on a number of different factors such as; ­­
    • Number of service users in your care
    • The rebuild cost of your property
    • Value of contents within the property
    • Type of care you offer
    • Your CQC Rating or Inspection Reports
    • Location of your home or features within the property
    • Turnover
    • Claims history
    Where Aldium4Care helps is because we are a specialist care home insurance broker we will take the time to get to know you and your business in order to make a quality presentation of your business to the Insurance market. We will liaise with them on your behalf to source the best deal available and present that back to you, Ensuring you have the right cover at the best price.
  • Can I pay for care home insurance in instalments?
    You can spread the cost of your care home insurance into monthly instalments through one of our finance providers. We can provide you with a full cost breakdown at the point of quotation should you wish to use this payment method. It is important to note that by using a finance provider you will pay more than if you paid in full as it will incur interest based upon the amount financed. A full quote breakdown will be provided.
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