Do I really need terrorism insurance?

We know that no building is exempt in a terrorist attack and the businesses and property owners we help protect know this too. Recent history tells us that terrorist attacks can happen in many locations. When businesses suffer, they are often not the primary target but are based in the same area as the target.…
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Don’t let your Christmas go up in smoke

All the beautiful decorations and incredible feasts around Christmas time aren’t going to mean a jot if your tree, turkey, or even your whole house is on fire. With flammable decorations, overstuffed sockets, hot lights and squiffy cooks, we’re up against more fire risks in December than any other month of the year. Make yourself…
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Christmas day food poisoning? Here’s how to avoid this turkey

Everyone’s got their own Christmas Day routine but many rituals revolve around dinner – and more precisely, the turkey. Whether you rely on Delia’s tried and tested methods for the perfect roast or a recipe that Barbara from the office swears by, ensuring your turkey is prepped and cooked thoroughly and safely means that the…
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Doing your Christmas shopping online? Stay safe on the web

Only buy from trusted sellers When shopping online, you’re usually in safe hands when using websites for big name brands. If you’ve never heard of the vendor that you’re buying from, it pays to be wary. That’s not to say you should avoid buying from small sellers altogether. Trusted marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay and…
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Don’t let cyber scrooges steal your data this Christmas

During the Christmas season, many small businesses are at their most vulnerable. There’s not always enough staff present to sufficiently undertake all the tasks that need completing – which is why some things fall by the wayside. To protect your business this holiday season, it’s worth preparing your defences in advance. We take a look…
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