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Japanese Knotweed

Homeowners are given new hope in the fight against Japanese Knotweed Along with “subsidence” and “damp”, the mention of Japanese Knotweed may make any homeowner or landlord’s heart sink. Brought to the UK in the mid-19th century by explorer Philipp Franz von Siebold, who found it growing on the side of a volcano, Japanese Knotweed was so…
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Is your commercial property underinsured? 

Did you know that fewer than 1 in 10 commercial properties are insured for the right amount? When it comes to calculating your sums insured for the purpose of your home and contents insurance policy, you need to calculate a realistic estimate as to how much it would cost to replace or rebuild everything from…
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Is crowdfunding taking over traditional non-profit fundraising?

Fundraising has come a long way since pushing leaflets through doors, school fetes and packing shopping bags. Whilst these methods still have their place, charitable giving has faced a seismic shift since digital funding platforms were introduced into everyday society. More than ever, you’re in control of the donations you make. You’re able to donate…
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