How to support care home relatives during their visit

    When working in a care home, you will likely get used to a steady flow of regular visitors and the occasional new face. These visits are hugely significant to both the visitor and your resident and they can often be emotionally-charged interactions. However, they’re equally as likely to result in a good old…
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At the click of a button: What’s the worst that could happen?

Recent figures show that hackers stole more than £4.5bn from the British population alone, with over 17 million victims hacked. Reports recently have indicated that almost half of UK businesses have now been subject to a security breach or hack. Whilst fresh figures indicate these statistics may rise again this year, it’s worth considering whether…
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Care Home

A guide to care home insurance

Care Home Insurance is a specialist insurance type since there are so many issues which could arise. Not only does your insurance need to protect the care you give, but you also need to consider the regulatory bodies you adhere to, protection for your staff as well as covering the premises and its contents. What’s…
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