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Become a member of Aldium Insurance Service and you could save on average in excess of £1,400 a year per household* on your everyday shopping and lifestyle spending!

To become a member, all you need to do is to take out ANY insurance with us and we will provide you with access to the Aldium Benefits programme.

Access your discount by phone or online.

* Based on the ‘Office for National Statistics Household Expenditure report 2012’ when compared to our available offers by category

These are the 5 ways to save with the Aldium Benefits Programme:

You can make great in store savings at leading retailers and local businesses across the UK and in your area by using your Vectis Discount Card. The Vectis Discount Card offers great point of sale discounts at local stores and outlets throughout the UK, including big name brands. The card is for the exclusive use of employees, members and their immediate family members. It is ready to use, does not need to be registered and is NOT a reloadable card so cannot be used at reloadable card outlets. Outlets that accept the ‘Vectis Discount Card’ can be found in the Vectis Discount Card category on the website. We are regularly adding new offers so check the latest offers on the website!

Make Great Savings!

It’s extremely simple as its pretty much just like shopping online as usual but you get money back for doing it! Our cashback suppliers simply pass the advertising commission straight to you, as cashback. It’s the perfect way to earn easy money online. Browse our site and choose from nearly 500 of the most popular online retailers and click through to the retailer website and shop as usual. The retailer pays us commission for your purchase and we add this as cashback to your earnings.

Earn Easy Money!

Reloadable Shopping Cards are the only way to make guaranteed savings at the UK’s biggest and favourite brands and is fast becoming the ultimate savvy saving way of shopping!! They enable to you to save on your supermarket and high street shopping, DIY, and home and electrics and more. Simply request a card through the website and top up the card at a discount rate. You can then use the card in store to pay for your items just like a gift card, which means you can even save on in-store sales and promotion items for DOUBLE SAVINGS! You can also use some cards to pay for your items online, so check the supplier offer page for more details.

Reload and Save!

A discount code is a code consisting of letters, number or both and is usually put in at the checkout stage of the supplier you are shopping. If an offer is available through a discount code, it is important to note the discount code on the offer page before clicking through to the supplier website and any other instructions that could be relevant.

Save Online!

We have a number of discounts available on popular retailers through our discounted Gift Vouchers and Digital Codes. Just like the gift vouchers you buy in store, the gift vouchers available through our website are discounted so they make for perfect gifts or those one off expensive purchases. Our discounted digital codes are similar to gift vouchers, but instead of receiving these as paper vouchers or gift card, you receive them via email which are then printed off and taken in store, or accessed via your mobile phone.

Give a Gift Away!

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